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Did You Know?
  • Gas charged struts commonly fail through loss of gas pressure

  • Gas charged struts should be replaced in pairs to prevent the uneven loading that causes twisting

  • Gas charged struts will not compress by hand

  • A slight amount of oil around the guide is a normal result of the oil fill

Did you know where do gas springs work? Just about everywhere you can utilize a reliable lift (or pull) without a sudden actuating force. StrutWise has re-serviced struts for all applications including counter balancing situations. We recommend re-servicing in pairs to prevent uneven load bearing that causes the lift supports to twist. If your vehicle has a torsion spring that when new was great and over the years has lost its tension, the solution is to get StrutWise to install a gas lift support and it will work like new again. We also do custom design work in situations like if your hood, etc. have never had a gas spring lift support. It is time to throw away that stick, wooden rods and get StrutWise on the job. In most cases, we offer exchanges for you or re-service your existing units.

How a gas spring works? At first glance many people think a gas spring force is generated the way an air cylinder's force is generated. This is not true. An air cylinder creates force by the air pressure inside the cylinder pushing on one side of the piston. With the higher pressure than from the opposite side of the piston. this creates a net force difference which is exerted back through the air cylinders shaft. Gas spring struts force in a different manner. The gas pressure on both sides of the piston are equal. However, there is a small area on the shaft at the piston where the internal gas remains, so that's why struts are quite weaker in colder climates.

It is estimate that there are over 51 million vehicles on the road, that have some type of gas filled lift strut. In fact, two out of every three vehicles produced today have them fitted from factory as original equipment. Gas lost is the most common cause of lift support failure, when struts lose gas or get damaged by pliers and vice grips by mechanics, damage generally occurs to the seal allowing gas to escape each time the strut opens and shuts. StrutWise can help with reservicing or replacement units. Typical signs of when you should contact StrutWise are failure of hatch, hood, trunk to stay in full open position, difficulty in lifting the hatch, hood or trunk or does not stay open and slams shut. Contact StrutWise for the best solution.

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